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Bore Diameter Quick Measurement System

DM80 is using exclusively designed DOF lens, image sensing technology, delivering high accuracy diameter and roundness measurement of wire drawing dies. It is a competitive solution that helps drawing die factories achieve high quality and productivity and enjoy lifetime maintenance free. DM80 provides same high accuracy and repeatability as DM100, the difference is DM80 does not support the 'real-time' mode which supported on DM100. Despite of missing the 'real-time' feature, it still provides fast measurement speed as other systems (Even faster and higher accuracy, compare with some of other brands). To download datasheet in Japanese language, please explore 'Support' and then 'download'.
  • Features
  • Specification
  • 1.    High Price & Performance Measurement System In Industry

    DM80 is the lite version of DM100, provides high accuracy of basic measurement to wide range of drawing dies by simple one mouse clicking. 


    2.    Superb Performance

    High repeatability and accuracy even flip or rotate dies , insensitive to dirt and environment brightness changes. No boot up preheating required, good energy efficiency.


    3.     Wide Measuring Zone

    Measurement can be done well in the full visible measuring zone on monitor. 


    4.    Long Durability

    Using cryogenic light source with exclusively designed software makes measurement of DM80 not be effected by light source attenuation.


    Laboratory test proved while operating temperature changes every 10, the system measurement only be effected 0.03%. Take a die with inner diameter 0.1mm for example, the results changes only 0.00003mm for every 10 temperature changes. Which is the absolute winner in the market.


    5.   Data Management

    Max. 20,000 records could be stored in system, support exporting into txt or excel files.

    Objective s  Measurement rangeAccuracy1)
    0.015~0.060mm(0.00059~0.0024 inch)±0.0004mm(±0.000016 inch)
    0.035~0.450mm(0.0014~0.0177 inch)±0.0006mm(±0.000024 inch)
    3X0.110~1.600mm(0.0044~0.0630 inch)±0.0009mm(± 0.000035 inch)
    1X0.350~5.000mm(0.0138~0.1969 inch)±0.0012mm(±0.0000472 inch)
    0.5X0.70~10.000mm(0.02756~0.3937 inch)±0.0024mm(± 0.0000945 inch)

     Maximum case size70mm
    Maximum die height32mm
    Maximum die weight0.5kg
    Measuring report printDiameter and ovality
    Data storageMax. save 20,000 copies, export in MS Excel or TXT
    Software upgradeYES
    Power supplyDC24V 5A
    Interface portUSB3.0(compatible with USB2.0)
    Operating systemWindows 7 / Windows10
    Operating environmentalRelative humidity 15~80%,temperature +15℃~+30℃,Noise <70dB
    Storage environmentalRelative humidity 8~80%,temperature 0℃~+50℃
    Net weight23kg
    Dimensional300D X 270W X 735H(mm)

    Note1):the repeatability is typically 3-5 times better than the accuracy;

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