Leading Measure & Control Instruments

Leading Measure & Control Instruments

SCreate DALA Technology

Founded in 2012, SCreate DALA (DALA) Technology (formerly known as SCreate Technology) designs and manufactures measurement instruments for the wire, cable and drawing die production. The founder of SCreate DALA Technology and the initial entrepreneurial  team members are all postgraduates of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and they are crewed from ABU Robot Contest APAC Champion teams of different years. DALA is a national certified high-tech enterprise and committed to designing, developing and manufacturing high performance and reliable instruments for wire and cable production. 

DALA business and management philosophy is inspired by 'Inomari philosophy', which is created by Mr. INAMORI KAZUO, the founder of KYOCERA and KDDI Corperation. DALA keeps learning and practising following the essential principle“What is the right thing to do as a human being?” With such a thinking, DALA and its staffs are devoted to improving the minds and implement into DALA business and partnerships. By far, DALA has 50 patents contributed by its professional R&D team, which has more than 20 highly specialized engineers and technicians, 50%+ are postgraduates. We intend and insist of technology development and forward design. 

In 2015, launched wire drawing die measurement systems, based on the most leading technical principle, creative features are developped and the most updated architecture is implemented,  made the DALA DM series drawing die 2D (Diameter & Ovality quick reading) & 3D (Diameter, Ovality, Bearing length, Reduction angle) profile measurement systems probablt the trusted and most popular instruments for die making and die repairing industry. We are proudly to anounce that, since 2017, SCreate DM series drawing die measurement systems has been recognized the best seller with the most share in China. 

In 2017, launched wire diameter laser micrometer using the technique of laser diffraction, which is proved the best solution for very fine wire diameter control, as it provide ultra high accuracy and outstading repeatability. 

In 2019, launched dual-axis laser gauge for wire, cable and plastic diameter and ovality measurement using CCD line sensor and diffraction analysis technology, which has no moving parts inside and optical lens used, those features make the product long durability and maintenance free.

Our strong R&D capability allows us to explore leading techniques in different applications, with which we hope to accelerate wire and cable industry towards to a fast and quality development. 

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